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Fellow Dog Lovers!

My name is Mattison and I love everything dog related! I want to make dog's and their owner's lives easier, healthier, and over all better!

Currently offering board n train spots!


-Located in the Flagstaff Arizona Area

Get the Best Dog Board 'n Train in Arizona by Heel - Dog Training

Heel-Dog Training, where we’re dedicated to helping you and your furry family members build lifelong bonds through our fun and engaging public dog training classes, personalized dog behavior rehabilitation, dog training services at home, and our online courses.

Mattison is a certified dog trainer who has specifically studied dog psychology, anxiety, and reactivity. Heel-Dog Training utilizes positive reinforcement methods as well as using tools in their least aversive way, ensuring effective learning and lasting results. Whether you have a nervous pup or a reactive older dog, we will help you and your dog build confidence and rewrite the trauma responses they are exhibiting.


At Heel-Dog Training, we understand that each dog is unique, and we’re here to unlock their full potential! Our mission goes beyond training – it’s about fostering trust, respect, and effective communication between you and your canine companion. 

Join us today and embark on a transformative journey with your four-legged friend. Experience the joy of a well-trained and harmonious dog, and create a deeper, more meaningful connection that will last a lifetime. Discover the difference with Heel-Dog Training. 




dog training class
Meet 'n Greet


Finding a dog trainer that you work well with and feel comfortable around is very important. Schedule this free meeting with me!

Caged Animal(s) Boarding

Reptiles, Rodents, and Birds oh my! If you have an exotic pet who needs boarding, look no further! We love all animals!

E-Collar Add On

Add this amazing communication tool to any program.

Board 'n Trains

This program is where your dog will go through training while they live and train with me. Limited spots at a time so that your fur baby gets all the attention they deserve.

Online Courses

We can learn anything online these days! If you learn better through a course you can always look back on, with all the knowledge and personal touch of our training techniques, look no further!

Also offering one-on-one coaching sessions.

Bird Training

Need help with an unruly bird? Because they are one of the most rehomed animals in America, we offer behavior programs for your feathery friends as well.

dog training program
dog training sessions
professional dog trainer
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