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(Me at 19, graduating from Animal Behavior College, as a certified dog trainer)

Mattison Hope Gulatto

Founder & Trainer


My Background:

Ever since I was a kid I've loved dogs and other animals!

  • When I was younger I would watch dog training shows on Animal Planet and then go practice what I learned on my dog at the time, Pudgie the Shih-Tzu.

  • My first e-mail address was dogexpert1 in middle school and I would tell people dog facts whenever I could! 

  • When I was in college taking business classes (because I knew I was an entrepreneur) I decided that dog training was for me! 

  • My interest in dog training started when I was in high school and needed my dog, Ruby, to be my service animal. I couldn't find a trainer that could help in the area, so I decided to train her myself.

  • Then came the decision to go to Animal Behavior College to earn my certificate as a dog trainer.

  • That lead to more experience with different dog trainers in Flagstaff and Phoenix, AZ.

  • I have also worked at a pet store and a doggy daycare/boarding facility where I learned even more!

  • I now specialize in dog body language, psychology, anxiety, and reactivity.

  • I also help with canine diets as it is a big part of our dogs succeeding!


I continue to further my education on all things dog and am currently learning something new from every dog I work with.

My Training Style:

I am a balanced trainer: this means that I use yes and no when training dogs.


I also use whatever tools work best for the individual dog and owner team - whether that is a prong collar, slip lead, e-collar, nothing, etc.


I always use positive reinforcement because that is one thing that every dog needs!


About Me:

I moved to Flagstaff right before the beginning of my Sophomore year of high school - stayed here for almost 7 years and then moved to Phoenix for a little bit to gain some more dog training experience, now I'm back in Flagstaff!


I am definitely a small, mountain town girl who loves all things outdoors. I also love reading, creating art, and traveling in my free time.

(602) 826-9649

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Portuguese Water Dog

Ruby was bred by a breeder in Mesa, AZ and was bought by a man who got her and her brother for his wife as a surprise.


However, his wife had two new babies.. and two new puppies was just way too much! So Ruby and her brother were returned to the breeder. Lucky for me! We have been inseparable ever since.

She is a service animal for my medical needs, and has previously been registered as a therapy dog. She now works at Heel as a co-dog trainer.


Her favorite foods are anything leafy green and turkey necks!

She dislikes escalators and puts up with car rides.

Her favorite toys are interactive treat dispensers and crinkle stuffed animal toys.

Ruby hiking.jpg


Res Mix

Bandit was found underneath someone's porch as a small puppy, accompanied by his siblings and mom. He was then taken to High Country Humane where he got sick and was very scared and shut down around all people.

That's when I took him in as a foster and started building his confidence and showing him that humans could be good. It took him 9 months to warm up to me and when his personality really started to shine through, I couldn't part with him.

He is now an amazing dog who gets along with every dog he comes in contact with and works at Heel as a co-dog trainer.

His favorite acitivites are playing in any body of water, chewing on his chew toys, and cuddling.

He doesn't have a favorite food as he loves them all!

Korvo (RIP)

Eyelash Crested Gecko

My very first reptile, Korvo loved to jump around and bury himself in moss.

His favorite foods were mealworms and Mango.


Leopard Gecko

When Summer was adopted I realized that she is blind and can only sense movement.


She had been at a pet store in a cage with other leopard geckos and wasn't fast enough to eat any crickets so she was very underweight and on the verge of not making it.


After hand feeding and some special care she is doing great and can even hunt her own food now! 

She loves basking on her hammock and hunting her food!


Rex Rabbit

Shadowfax is an adorable rabbit that is super smart and very cuddly!

He surprisingly has no fear when it comes to dogs and people and loves to make friends with everyone. 


He loves carrots and apples as his favorite treats and will perform his tricks for them.


Green Cheek Conure

Usnavi was named after the main character in the musical, "In The Heights", by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

He is a funny bird who loves to play with his toys, (his favorite are shredding toys).


He also just loves to be anywhere we are and earn treats through training. His favorite trick is "dance"!

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