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Dog Training Programs

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Free Meet 'n Greet

  • Let's meet each other and talk about which package is right for you and your pup!

Board 'n Trains

Board 'N Trains are only for reactive dogs. They all come with a lesson plan because the owner will need sessions as well.

Each dog is an individual with individual needs and so will be worked through a unique plan during their Board 'n Train to work towards a goal agreed upon between the trainer and owner.


All Board 'n Trains Include:

  • 20 days

  • Limited dogs at a time

  • One Family Visit during training

  • Home session upon return

  • 8 Session Lesson Plan

Here at Heel-Dog Training, we work towards a goal for each dog!

Because every dog is so different, we work at their pace; pushing the dog at an appropriate speed, but not too much where they regress or can't learn anything.

Because of this approach, we care more for a full rounded, sociable, happy dog, then a dog who knows a lot of commands. (Unless that is what the dog needs)


Individual Sessions

Lesson Plan

  • We will work on whatever we decide on, day of.

  • $150/session: At Your Home

  • $100/session: At My Home

  • 1 hour long

  • I will meet you at your place for individual lessons and then we can meet in other/public places when the dog is ready.

  • Locks you in for 8 sessions

  • 1 hour long once a week until all 8 sessions are completed.

  • Access to group classes

  • $1,500

Our Top Programs

Anxiety/Reactivity Reform

Dealing with anxiety is hard for anyone, but especially for our precious pooches who need us to help them work through it.

  • Gaining confidence

  • Reconditioning emotional responses to triggers

  • Being able to control their own emotions

  • Obedience tailored to their abilities

Puppy's First Start

How you raise your puppy will effect how they turn out as an adult!

  • This program is for dogs 3 months-1 year old

  • Learn proper manners for the home

  • Confidence building

  • 'Desensitization and Socialization to new/scary things

Service Dog/ Therapy Dog

Do you need your dog to perform specific tasks for you? Or do you want to volunteer with your dog?

  • Tailored to your specific needs/disability

  • (This is not for protection dogs or seeing eye dogs)

  • For therapy dogs they will be getting ready to pass the test for their registration

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