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"Mattison is truly talented! She is very professional, personal, caring, detailed, and great with her animals and her "human" clients :) Mattison's level of service is impeccable. She's flexible with scheduling and always motivated by the bottom line - create a better life for the dog and the owner/handler. We adopted Coco, a 3yr old lab mix to join our family and our 11yr old Labradoodle, Charly, where she had high anxiety around other dogs on walks. Mattie helped not just Coco, but also Charly in learning command words with e-collars and how to be a team together with our family. Mattie has patience and educated the family in group and individual lessons with the dog(s) so that consistency develops - makes for happy dog families! Thanks Mattie!!!"


"We sent our adorable but very mischievous six month old Sheepadoodle, Lola, to board and train with Mattison at Heel LLC. for two weeks while we were away on vacation. From the moment we left, we missed her, but any concerns we had were quelled by Mattison’s detailed daily email updates chronicling their activities, progress, videos, and assurance of Lola’s well-being. We looked forward to them every single day. We have a highly energetic, confident (i.e. pushy), slightly stubborn pup on our hands and we hoped she wouldn’t test Mattison‘s patience and while she (Lola) had a couple of unstellar days, Mattison didn’t miss a beat in her upbeat attitude, game plan, and certainty that Lola would prevail. Waking up to Mattison’s updates was the highlight of each morning and so it was for 14 days. The day Lola came back home we couldn’t believe our eyes. We received our same precious puppy who was now ten times better. Not only was Lola responsive to commands like “come”, “place”, “let’s go”, and heel”, her frenetic, out-of-control energy somehow morphed into composure, focus, and a desire to please (hot dogs help). I can’t sing Mattison’s praises enough. She is calm, patient, keen, and really knows what she’s doing. If you want peace of mind knowing your four-legger is with a high quality professional, receiving gentle care, and is working towards measurable results Heel LLC is the way to go."
-Gary and Fawn

"Absolutely love how she kept us updated on my baby-girl every day! She uploaded pictures & sent us daily emails. When we went to go see Myla, she was doing amazing at what she had been learning. The videos that were uploaded showed a lot of progress throughout the days. The 2 week board n train was well worth what she now knows now and how good she's getting at it!"


"5 bajillion stars out of 5

Mattison is a true teacher! Mattison helped train my angry ball of fluff to become a more accepting, social little girl. I have learned how to better care for and feed my Minnie. Most importantly, she has taught me that to understand my dog instead of just making them listen, grows a vastly more meaningful relationship."


"Mattison is a fantastic trainer and dog sitter! We leave our dog Zoe with her frequently. Mattison has worked with Zoe on specific training issues which has been a HUGE help! When we leave our dog with Mattison, we know she'll be well-cared for. Mattison also does a great job on keeping us updated with photos and Snapchats of Zoe while we're away. I would highly recommend Mattison if you are looking for someone you can trust."


"I  recommend Mattison to everyone :) She's very patient and loving with fur babies!!!


"Mattison was a great dog sitter! She met us at the park for a meet and greet in advance and took good care of the girls while she had them, even though it sounds like my girls kept her on her toes (sorry Mattison)!"


"Mattison was great! She had a fenced yard, a playful dog, and was very accommodating. She was very responsive and took great care of Leila."


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