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FAQ - Heel Dog Training

Elevate your understanding of the transformative art of Heel Dog Training through our comprehensive FAQ guide. Whether you're a dog owner looking to enhance leash manners or a curious soul seeking to establish a deeper bond with your canine companion, these frequently asked questions are designed to illuminate your path.

1. Can I get dog training at home?

Absolutely! I offer convenient in-home dog training services for a personalized experience tailored to your dog's needs.

2. Why is being a certified dog trainer important?

This just means that I have been through and finished a dog trainer certification program. This gives you the peace of mind that I have had some structured learning in the field!

3. Do you offer bird training services?

Yes, offer in home bird training, helping your feathered friends learn new behaviors and enhancing their interactions with you.

4. What pet education options do you provide for children?

I offer engaging and educational sessions for children, teaching them responsible pet ownership and fostering a lifelong love for animals. These take place in your home so I can tailor the services to your particular lifestyle and your individual child.

5. Can you explain your wedding services involving dogs?

I offer unique wedding services where your beloved dog can be part of your special day, ensuring unforgettable moments. This includes training your dog to have a special role in your wedding or just to have someone there to handle your dog for entire service so that you have peace of mind your furry friend is also having a good time!

6. What topics are covered in your dog nutrition classes?

My dog nutrition classes cover essential topics like proper diet, portion control, and healthy treats, promoting the overall well-being of your canine companion.

7. How does your bird training work?

My bird training focuses on positive reinforcement techniques, helping your birds develop new skills and enhancing their relationship with you.

8. Can you train my dog to behave better in social situations?

Yes, I specialize in improving your dog's behavior in various social settings, making outings and interactions with other dogs enjoyable.

9. What, if anything, do you specialize in?

With the rise of reactive dogs and owners wanting to help them become better members of society; I have made it a point to study canine anxiety and reactivity issues so I can best help people have less stressful lives with their canine companions.

10. Why did you become a dog trainer?

I became a dog trainer because I absolutely love dogs and the relationships that they can forge with us humans. I also saw a need in the industry for someone who wouldn't just train the dog, but be a counselor to help the dogs and the humans through behaviors that were making their lives harder. I truly love each and every dog I get to work with and getting to know their wonderful owners is a pleasure!

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