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Animal Kingdom

Dog & Other Animal Training/Education

Domestic Parrot

Bird Training

Do you have a pet bird? Whether a budgie or a parrot, they are super smart and need some training just like dogs.

But unlike dogs, they are completely different to train.

Let us help you get started with your feathery friend!

Price: $90 / 1-Hour Session at your house

Wedding Services

Want your dog to be at your wedding? Afterall they are part of the family!

We offer wedding attendant services where we will be your dog's personal chaperone throughout your big day.

Wedding Ceremony Attendant: $400

Ceremony Attendant that Helps with Pictures, Walking Down Aisle, Carrying Objects, etc.: $600

Ceremony and Reception: $900

Black and White Kitten

Pet Education for Children

Whether your child's pet is furry, scaly, or feathery it is a lot of responsibility to take care of another creature.

Sometimes to help your child feel knowledgeable and capable surrounding the care of their animal, they need someone other than Mom and/or Dad telling them what to do.

We offer 1-hour sessions at your home to help the child take care of the animal in the way that works best for that animal and for the child.

$100 / 1-Hour Session at your home

Dog Nutrition Classes

Would you want to eat the same thing every day for the rest of your life? What about even when you're not feeling good?

Neither does your dog! In these classes we will be teaching you about the good and bad about your dog's food, giving helpful tips, other things you can add to your dog's diet, and more!

(Each class will focus on a different subject)

We promise your dog will thank you.

$40 / class

Free if you are a past/current training client

Image by Howie R
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