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Training Programs

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Board 'n Trains

All Board 'n Trains Include:
  • 18 days
  • One dog at a time for one-on-one attention
  • One Family Visit during training
  • Home session upon return
  • 2 training sessions after the dog has returned home

E-Collar Add-On

This is a great tool to have for off-leash, basic obedience, or curtailing certain behaviors.

  • Add-On to any program for $300

Free Meet 'n Greet

  • Let's meet each other and talk about which package is right for you and your pup!

Puppy Pre-School   (First Start)

The first few months of a puppy's life is a crucial time for training.

  • This program is for puppies 0-5 months old

  • Includes potty training, kennel training, confidence building, grooming, and basic manners

  • $3,200

Terrible Two's               (F-you Mom and Dad)

This is the stubborn teenage phase where it not only seems like your dog isn't listening, but they're rolling their eyes at the same time.

  • This program is for dogs 2-3 years old

  • Includes getting dogs back on track, implementing rules, working through stubbornness, and basic obedience

  • $3,200

Advanced Obedience

This is the next step in your dog's training.

  • This program is for dogs 4-8 years old

  • Includes strengthening known cues, advanced cues, and tricks

  • $3,000

Puppy Kindergarten (Next Steps)

These months are used for socializing and making it through the fear period without any long-lasting fears.

  • This program is for puppies 6 months-1year old

  • Includes socializing, confidence building, and basic manners

  • $3,200

Basic Obedience

All dogs need this and here is the best start for those adult dogs!

  • This program is for dogs 4-8 years old

  • Includes sit, down, place, touch, leave-it, heel, and other cues tailored to your dog

  • $3,000

Aggression Fixing

This program is for dogs who have aggression towards people, other dogs, other animals, etc.

  • Any age

  • Includes working on obedience and redirection techniques to become neutral around these stressors.

  • $3,500

Senior Dog Program

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

  • This program is for dogs 9+ years old

  • Unlearn bad habits

  • Obedience tailored to your old pooch

  • $3,000

Service Dog/ Therapy Dog

Do you need your dog to perform specific tasks for you? Or do you want to volunteer with your dog?

  • Tailored to your specific needs/disability

  • This is not for attack dogs or seeing eye dogs

  • For therapy dogs they will be getting ready to pass the test for their registration

  • $3,500

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Individual Sessions

  • We will work on whatever we decide on, day of.

  • $100/session: At Your Home

  • $80/session: At My Home

  • 1 hour long

Lesson Plan

Group Classes

  • Classes held at different parks

  • 1 hour 

  • Train around other people and dogs to get more exposure

  • Meet other dog parents!

  • $50/class

  • each class maxes out at 10 people

  • (Starting up in the Spring 2023)

  • I will meet you at your place for individual lessons and then we can meet in public places when the dog is ready.

  • Locks you in for 8 sessions

  • 1 hour long once a week until all 8 sessions are completed.

  • Will share notes and homework for your dog(s)

  • $1,000

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